Has your HVAC system stopped working? These complex systems have many interdependent components and when the efficiency of one component decreases, the HVAC system must work harder to keep your rooms warm or cool. The harder your system work work, the higher your energy bill will climb. 

Your heating and cooling system may be out of sight, out of mind-until it breaks down. At All HVAC and General Construction, our professional team of HVAC experts can help you resolve any heating or cooling issue, efficiently and with respect for your time, your home and your budget. 

Our team qualified and certified technicians is among the best in the business. We can help your resolve a number of issues and always prioritize your comfort.

Replacement HVAC Installation 

If your HVAC system is out-of-date and beyond its practical life, it may need to be replaced. When this occurs, your HVAC systems will have a noticeable drop in efficiency and your energy consumption will rise. When your energy bill goes up, your system may be past its prime and it is time for an upgrade. Fortunately, the next-generation HVAC systems are more energy-efficient, last longer and we can even help you choose the right system for long-term performance. 

Emergency HVAC Repairs

When your system breaks down, you need the problem solved fast. At ALL HVAC and General Construction, we offer emergency heating and AC repair services throughout the Bay Area. 

Leak Repair

Both the system itself and your ductwork may have leaks. A leak significantly reduces your HVAC system’s efficiency and can lead to mold and moisture damage to your home. 

Duct Cleaning

Your system ducts should be cleaned periodically and filers should be changed regularly. You can replace your own filters, but keeping your ducts clean can make a significant difference in your indoor air quality. Your ducts may be filled with dust, dead insects, mold and allergens that impact health. 

Heater and AC Repair and Service

If your heating or air-conditioning system fails, you need it restored to a working condition as quickly as possible. The cause of the failure must be rapidly identified and resolved, whether the thermostat or another component. You can trust us for top quality, honest service and we keep your budget in mind. Need to replace a unit? We offer financing options to make it more affordable. 

AC Installation & Replacement

All HVAC and General Construction offers our customers more, as we are not only HVAC specialists, but can also help you with your home remodeling project. We provide free professional estimated on HVAC installations and replacements in Santa Clara, San Jose and the entire Bay Area. Our estimates are accurate, as we have years of experience and our technicians are among the best in the field.  We are known for top quality work, honesty, integrity and for the genuine care we have for our many loyal customers. 

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call today at (408) 892-5524

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