How to make HVAC Systems More Efficient In Your Business


HVAC systems are used in warehouses, assembly lines, and offices of businesses. Since it is composed of dense and robust components, it consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, in addition to being necessary, it is also a major source of cost for a business. A general trend that is seen in Milpitas businesses that use the HVAC system is that initially when HVAC systems are installed, they have higher efficiency and a lower cost as compared to when they get old. Older systems use a significant amount of energy, which increases the costs of the organization. Since every business strives for low prices to reap higher profits, keeping the HVAC running at maximum efficiency is crucial for every business. A remodeling contractor can work with your business to ensure your HVAC system stays functioning appropriately all year long

The following are 5 significant reasons why an HVAC system's efficiency can go down the hill and how to counter them.

Regular Maintenance

Often, businesses install an HVAC system and then leave it working until it breaks down. This is one of the most significant problems because the HVAC system is not designed to run consistently. Instead, it needs regular maintenance, which includes cleaning and replacing old parts after a fixed interval to operate optimally.


With time, the HVAC system pipes fall victim to corrosion and other wear and tear, which might result in leakage. Needless to say, leaks pose a major threat to the efficiency of the system, and resultantly, the system will now consume more energy to compensate for the losses caused by leaking. To counter this problem, regular checks and maintenance have to be done, and leaking components should be replaced without delay.

Air Filter

Air filters ensure that the system is cooling/heating efficiently and giving out clean air. If the air filter is clogged, it could result in a significant increase in energy consumption of the HVAC system because even though the system has to get the same amount of air cleaned as it did before but, now the significant portion of air sent to the air filter is wasted. To avoid this situation, air filters should be replaced regularly since they have a limited lifetime.

Programmable Thermostat

Conventional thermostats cause a waste of energy since they cannot be customized individually for a particular area. However, with the introduction of a programmable thermostat, it is now possible to save more energy by targeting the exact areas where cooling/heating is required and not operating in an area where it is not required.

Out-of-date system

Every HVAC system has a certain life period. Once a system has reached its useful lifetime, the difference in performance becomes noticeable, and while the performance drops, the consumption increases by several folds. Under these conditions, it is better to update the system.

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